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Father & Son's Road Trip

Father & Son's Road Trip
Kia Motors' First Re:Design Project

Father & Son’s Road Trip

Kia Motors’ Re:Kia Motors’ Re:Design Project “The Drive” first invites Father and Son as main actors.
Father and Son, who are the closest and most trusting partners embark on a road trip.
The two of them, having walked together the path of life, start an open candid conversation while driving on a road
surrounded by nature and sharing the values of life. Father and Son will realize what they mean to each other and
keep this moment as an unforgettable memory in their hearts for life as Kia Motors supports this journey.
Won’t you share your life story as Father or Son? Join them for memorable moments on the road.
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Father & Son’s Road Trip Videos (Global Ver.)

Why are drives remembered by their destination?
Aren’t memories of the person next to you, the facial expression, the voice, the laughter and
the glimpses of the scenic view through the window what makes a drive memorable?
Experience the Father & Son’s Road Trip, the first drive Re:Designed by KIA.
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Father & Son’s Special Dinner Videos (Global Ver.)

When was the last time you held hands? The last time you shared a hug?
Kia offers a special road trip for fathers and sons.
Here is a story of a father and his son leaving for Paris.
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Father & Son’s Road Trip Videos (Rep.of Korea)

The youngest in the family, Jae Min left home at an early age to voyage
between the five oceans and six continents.
Now that his dream came true and he became a seaman,
Jae Min noticed the wrinkles on his father’s face and his white hair strands.
Now Jae Min wants to prepare a Special voyage for his father,
who worked all his life in a repair shop for the family.
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