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Kia Sonic Branding - The Rise of Surprise

Kia's sonic branding embraces the three core identities of our brand essence
"A Different Beat": Vibrant, Distinctive and Reliable.
  • Vibrant
    Symbllizing Kia's outstanding growth with powerful & dynamic drum rhythm sounds and ascending melodic line.
  • Distinctive
    Expressing unique value providing Kia using dotted and syncopation with wide range and distinctive melody inspired by a main theme of 'Advent of the Kians'.
  • Reliable
    Reflecting Kia's reliability in every aspect with major chord to give a comfortable sense and a high-quality full orchestra sounds.

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Advent of the Kians

Composed by the world renowned film music artist Eric Serra, Kia's first brand identity song
'Advent of the Kians' has an ear-catching melody that conveys the unique and sophisticated image of Kia.
Kia is dedicated to enriching customer's lives with The Power to Surprise.
Advent of the Kians image

Composer Eric Serra

Eric Serra photo
About Eric Serra

Eric Serra, the composer of Kia's theme song, has also composed musical scores for famous films including Le Grand Bleu, Nikita and Leon. He has been working with the director Luc Besson since they met in 1979 and credited with taking global film music to the next level.

"Eric Serra's musical imagination always surpasses that of the actual film's imagination.
His music captures the essence of my movies"

- Director Luc Besson -


1988: Le Grand Bleu
1990: Nikita
1994: Leon
1995: 007 Golden Eye (the 17th episode)
1997: The Fifth Element
2008 - 2010: Arthur series 3 (Arthur and the Minimoys 1,2,3)